More preposterous threats from Samuel Sancerni (Managing director of DMS)

I previously showed you the scare tactics from DMS-Apelem (DMS Imaging). Well, they did not stop. In fact, it has gotten even more absurd. Below are pictures of the letter sent to me by Adrien Alfonso who claims to act as “Company Solicitor” for DMS, although I think he still needs to finish law school. I included the pictures partly because I’m too lazy to type it out, but mostly because I want you to see that Samuel Sancerni (Managing director of DMS) actually signed this letter.

Considering Samuel seems to enjoy reading my website, I will briefly respond to him here.

Dear Sammy,

  • I did NOT agree to stop contacting distributors and will do so whenever I see fit. As my Lawyers explained to you, I am within my rights to contact distributors of DMS systems to inform then of our dispute. I will especially reserve the right to contact distributors since you and they are continuing to use my illustrations for promotional material.
  • It will be a cold day in hell before I subject myself to French law, especially one from 1881. Clearly you did not take the advice of my lawyer to get a legal consultation, since you appear to be rather clueless.
  • My claims against DMS-Apelem are founded and supported by considerable amounts of evidence.
  • Then, for the most absurd of the demands; my website visits and twitter followers. I had to check this because I could not believe the question. But yes, you can just lookup my Twitter followers. If you are indeed that technically challenged I’ll tell you. My Twitter account has, drum roll… three followers! Please let me know how much money I owe you!
    If you own a website, you will know that there is no accurate way to assess the visitor count, but of course you already knew that didn’t you? You little tease! Now, of course there is no way to assess the financial damage from the amount of twitter followers. Even Sammy is not that stupid. The only reason to make this demand is to scare me, a so-called scare tactic.

Dear DXA enthusiast,

  • Would you really trust a medical device or software from a company that writes letters like this?