Is Med Imaging Ltd is knowingly selling fraudulent technologies?

I recently decided to contact Med Imaging Ltd again to see if they are still selling the 3D-DXA software, despite knowing of its origins. I did not find my friend Peter Kent Baldwin on the website anymore. Don’t tell Peter, but secretly I was hoping this was all his fault and he was fired for his carelessness after which Med Imaging Ltd stopped the sale of the software. I received a response to my inquiry from Dawn Stewart. A kind, friendly email. Nothing to be concerned about:

Dear Dr Whitmarsh,
Thank you for your email.
Peter Kent Baldwin is still working with Med Imaging Healthcare Ltd and on annual leave this week. I would be very grateful if you can allow us time to respond fully to your email once Peter returns as he has communicated with you previously and he is more specialised in the DEXA systems we supply.
We appreciate your understanding.
Best regards

Dawn Stewart (National Sales Manager – Med Imaging Ltd) 2017-01-16

Sure, I’ll wait Dawn. After two longs weeks of waiting in anticipation, I contacted Dawn again. I expect she is indeed a kind person and, realizing what her company was doing to me, did not want to come forward with the truth. Instead I received a reply from the founder of Med Imaging Ltd himself:

Dear Dr Whitmarsh
I will take this forward with the manufacturer to assess your claims.
We will revert as soon as possible.
Sent from my iPhone

Tim Dickinson (Managing Director – Med Imaging Ltd) 2017-02-02

Alright, Alright, perhaps we are getting somewhere here. You can really recognize an honest hard working company director when he takes the time to send you an email with his iPhone. Perhaps Peter Kent Baldwin really did go behind everyone’s backs and no one knew anything about the misconducts of DMS. Surely he will now tell me that all is going to be ok. They will stop selling this fraudulent software and never do business with DMS again.

Another week passed. I was imagining fierce discussion between Tim and Jean-Paul Ansel of DMS, yelling on the phone: “what scams have you gotten me into” and: “we will never do business with you ever again!”. Hesitantly and hopefully I contacted Tim Dickinson again.

Dear Dr Whitmarsh
Your complaint is against Apelem/DMS not Med Imaging. We are purely a distributor of their equipment.
Accordingly, you need to take your grievances up with them directly.
We will not respond to your questions.
Kind regards

Tim Dickinson (Managing Director – Med Imaging Ltd) 2017-02-09

Alas, my faith in humanity has decreased once more. Some time later I received a letter from DMS trying to scare me with legal action for “denigration”. For reasons beyond me but to my great gratitude Samuel Sancerni also sent me the email that Peter Kent Baldwin sent him after our phone conversation. It goes as follows:

Hi Samuel
A Tristan Whitmarsh from Cambridge University telephoned today enquiring about the 3d DXA modelling.
Whilst under the initial guise of making a sales enquiry Tristan asked if any orders have been placed in Uk and also asked if the software was sold as standalone or integrated into main system software. Tristan then introduced himself advising that he was the software developer currently at Cambridge University having come over from UPF University. After explaining who he was he explained that the software was not ready for general commercial release as yet and that the University is intending to release through their own distribution outlet.
Tristan also informed that lawyers are involved and letters have been or are in the process of being issued.
Please can you clarify that there are no rights issues with the software for the Stratos DR and confirm the release date so that we may keep interested customers informed.
Thank you
Best regards

Peter Kent Baldwin (Technical Sales Specialist – Med Imaging Ltd) 2014-01-24
Cc: Tim Dickinson (Managing Director – Med Imaging Ltd)

What concerns me most is that he never asked what this software really does and, despite this, is eager to continue to sell it. Remember when in a previous post I cited Wikipedia on false advertisement? Well, I’m afraid false advertisement on 3D-DXA by Med Imaging Ltd can now be classified as “deceptive”.

Med Imaging Ltd has been reported to the NHS Counter Fraud and Security Management Service. Also the UK government’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency is investigating “false or overt claims by Med Imaging Ltd regarding its ability to aid the treatment of osteoporosis and its ability to provide a more accurate view of the patients bones.”