Continued plagiarism by DMS-Apelem and distributors

In previous posts I already showed how DMS-Apelem has been using illustrations taken from my thesis or publications for promoting the 3D-DXA software. This is illegal and both me and my lawyer have informed them of this on several occasions. However, my illustrations keep popping up in material used for the promotion of the Stratos DXA devices by DMS-Apelem. A Linkedin post by DMS-Apelem shows a promotional booth at the Congresso Nazionale of SIRM from 15 to 18 September 2016 in Napoli. It clearly shows an illustration taken from my publication or thesis on their background:

plagiarism by DMS-Apelem

As a comparison, here is a picture I showed you before of the same illustration but used in a different case of plagiarism:

Even more outrageous is a document found on the website of a Russian distributor of the Stratos scanners. Here, various of my illustrations are used as promotional material with, brace yourself, scans taken using the GE iDXA device, NOT the Stratos device by DMS-Apelem ( This is blatant false advertisement especially since the iDXA scanner by GE Healthcare provides much better bone images than the Stratos devices.

If DMS-Apelem, without hesitation, continues to steal illustrations from me, why would they not, with the same nonchalance, steal my software? If they lie about their contribution in the development of this technology and its abilities, why would they not be lying about more?

The distributor of DMS-Apelem that is committing the plagiarism highlighted above has now been identified as Trafita medical system