A new focus on exposing fraud and scientific misconduct with 3D-DXA

Those of you that have been following the development of 3D-DXA closely will be aware of my ongoing legal conflict with the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Galgo Medical and Diagnostic Medical Systems regarding the illegal commercialization of my PhD work. These organisations and their members have been misrepresenting their role in the development of this technology and are using copyright protected material for commercial purposes. In the past years I have done everything in my power to try to resolve this dispute peacefully, all the while being lied to, threatened and intimidated. While I initially started this website to distribute my software for free in order to diminish its commercial value, they continue to promote and sell this software with false claims under the veil of a legitimate company. So much so that this is now becoming a real health threat with patients possibly being misdiagnosed. Unsuspecting researchers are tempted by grand claims and pretty pictures and several studies with questionable results are being presented at conferences. Thus, I am now dedicating this website to exposing the fraudulent activities of the organisations involved in the commercial exploitation of the 3D-DXA software, debunking false claims and highlighting scientific misconduct. Please follow this blog to see how researchers at all levels within a university put their ethics aside for personal gain and how medical imaging and medical device companies disregards patient safety for financial gain.