Exposing fraud with 3D-DXA

There has been a large amount of misinformation put forward by companies that are trying exploit 3D-DXA for financial gain, such as Galgo Medical (3D-SHAPER), DMS-Apelem (DMS Imaging) and their distributors. The use of 3D-DXA will lead to false diagnoses and misinformation about disease progression and drug responses. I have therefore decided to devote this website to debunking these false claims and exposing scientific misconduct with 3D-DXA wherever I find it. I will no longer provide my software and strongly advice you to avoid the use of 3D-DXA at all costs. An explanation on the limitations of this technology are provided in the technology section and I will periodically update my blog with reports on its misuse.

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Contact us

Please contact us if you suspect that you might have been diagnosed by a DXA Device from DMS-Apelem using the 3D-DXA software. Also please contact us if you purchased the 3D-DXA software (3D-SHAPER) under false pretences or outsourced a 3D-DXA analysis to Galgo Medical.

Stop 3D DXA


Results derived from 3D-DXA should not be used for diagnosis or treatment planning nor should they be used for research into disease progression or drug response. In doing so you may be held liable for medical malpractice or scientific misconduct.

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