Exposing fraud with 3D-DXA

There has been a large amount of misinformation put forward by companies that are trying exploit 3D-DXA commercially. This trend may ultimately lead to false diagnoses and misinformation about disease progression and drug responses. I have therefore decided to devote this website to debunking these false claims and exposing scientific misconduct with 3D-DXA wherever I find it. I will no longer provide my software and strongly advice you to avoid the use of 3D-DXA at all costs. An explanation on the limitations of this technology are provided in the technology section and I will periodically update my blog with reports on its misuse.

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3D-DXA by the inventor

Please be aware that The Pompeu Fabra University, Galgo Medical, and Diagnostic Medical Systems are currently under investigation regarding the illegal commercialization of the PhD work of Tristan Whitmarsh. Any publications using the 3D-DXA software provided by them will result in an inquiry which may lead to its retraction. For further information please use the contact form.